Ryan’s notes

Things I've worked on

I enjoy building products that people love, which is often software, but this bleeds into Chocolate making, beekeeping, and other pursuits.

Big efforts

  • Even — Our mission is to even the playing field for creating a better life. We partner with employers to deliver powerful financial tools to employees: access to pay, automatic high-yield savings, direct bill payment, hands-off budgeting, and more.
  • Instagram — I built early products like video, people tagging, direct messaging, and the camera. I also prototyped experimental ideas that informed Stories.
  • SimpleGeo — I designed mobile SDKs and built a demo app for our geolocation APIs.
  • Shine: a better weather app — My first real project up for public consumption.


  • Streetlapse — Generate a timelapse video from a GPX route and Google StreetView imagery.
  • Mapping the effects of zoning reform bill SB 827 — Understanding the transformative effects of exciting up-zoning legislation.
  • React Native animations — Implementing declarative animations in native code.
  • Marcel — A silly and fun soundboard app dedicated to Marcel the Shell.
  • Chronicle — Visual storytelling with a focus on direct manipulation.
  • BIF — Transform burst mode photos into animated GIFs (a precursor to Live Photos).
  • Slicer — Automatically export Sketch slices into Xcode.
  • Skoole — A textbook exchange for college students.
  • Freelance web design — My first projects from when the web was weird!