Ryan’s notes

Hi there! I'm Ryan.

I'm interested in bringing things into the world that people love.

I most recently helped found, build, and grow Even to transform the way hourly workers get paid. Before that, I helped design and build early Instagram. I've also mapped the effects of a zoning reform bill, made a best-selling weather app, and created a textbook exchange for college students.

After some time away, I’m looking to pursue meaningful work again. I've created a list of themes I'm interested in centered around climate optimism, thicker relationships, and tools for continuous learning. Please get in touch if any of these speak to you.

In my free time I enjoy bringing people together around food: making bean-to-bar chocolate, fermenting things, doing hydroponics, beekeeping, and sharing delicious meals together. I also love trail running, swimming, cycling—various adventures that move me through nature. I hope to be somewhat known in certain circles for leaving this place better than I found it.

If you'd like to talk, email me.