Ryan’s notes

Mac or PC?

A little blurb I found in the depths of my Dropbox, circa 2007. An embarrassing look into thoughts at age 16.

mac or pc? you’ve got to be kidding me; my favorite object larger than a shoebox: my iMac; my favorite object smaller than a shoebox: my iPhone; my favorite color: maroon, like a track, or lime green, like my shoes; my favorite material: carbon fiber; my favorite music: the list is too long, and changes every day, anything from U2 to Coldplay to Mayday Parade, light rock I guess; my favorite manufactured object: my 3-wood; my favorite place to be at sunrise: on the trails; my idols: tiger woods, steve jobs, bernard lagat; the worst designed product in human history: windows (the microsoft kind); the best designed object in human history: the G4 cube; my favorite place to be at sunset: a rocky shoreline, spring, summer, or fall; my favorite font: mank sans; my nemesis font: comic sans; the century I would most like to live in other than my own: the 22nd; my favorite website: wired.com; my favorite magazine: communication arts; my favorite food: a chunky seafood stew or anything with coconut and curry; I’d like to have dinner with: jonathan ive; reading material on my nightstand: kite runner; current inspiration: things fall apart; where i see myself in ten years: a product design studio with lofted ceilings, pearly white walls, shag carpets, ash floors, and a wall of windows. good luck, right?

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