Ryan’s notes

Crispy potatoes

Serious Eats calls this The Best Crispy Roast Potatoes Ever Recipe and I agree.

  • I’ve only tried Yukon Gold, but they work very well.

  • A combo of butter and olive oil is the way to go here.

  • Make sure the potato pieces are quite large—1.5-2”! This means halving small potatoes and quartering large ones.

  • Be patient and really get them brown!

  • I enjoy eating these with sour cream and chives... a nice compliment of flavor, texture, and temperature.

  • Once you add the butter / oil mixture to the potatoes, the partially mashed version is so good you wonder if you really want to cook it... a little bit of a cookie dough / baked cookie dilemma. I bet some variation of this process would make for some superb chunky mashed potatoes.

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