Ryan’s notes


Amba, a pickled mango sauce, is one of my favorite condiments. It's tangy, funky, and deep. It can be tricky to find in stores, but it's relatively easy to make at home if you plan ahead. It can be good to make a large batch and freeze in smaller containers.

  • https://senseandedibility.com/amba-pickled-mango-chutney/

    • Ferment the mangoes for a good week

    • Ignore the drying step, I needed to add plenty of water back in for the right consistency

    • You can use 1 tsp chili powder instead of fresh peppers if needed

    • Pre-grind the cumin seeds for a smooth final texture

    • This recipe is very cumin-heavy, which agrees with me, but feel free to adjust the spice ratios to your preference

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