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What I Worked On by Paul Graham

What I Worked On

  • So many fun problems to solve / things to create in the early Internet days. Seems a little sad that we’ve covered most of the map by now. Or maybe more interesting because the businesses worth creating need to touch the physical world as opposed to just superimposing reality and existing systems onto the computer.

  • PG hosted Thursday dinners for friends and friends of friends; this is how he met his wife. Sounds absolutely wonderful and something I want to do post-Covid.

  • “I also started to think about other things I could work on. How should I choose what to do? Well, how had I chosen what to work on in the past? I wrote an essay for myself to answer that question“

    • I'd enjoy telling my own career story in this way. It’s sprinkled with fun anecdotes, things he learned along the way, and a through-line between all his pursuits.

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