Ryan’s notes

Let's play!

“Want to play?” is a question we asked each other all the time as kids, but not so much now, and that’s a shame. If you want to set up a play date, just send me an email!

Let's make stuff together

We learn best by doing, deploying all our senses. Let's better understand how the world works by making things together.

  • Home hydroponics — Let’s build a system to grow leafy greens, herbs, and more. Learn how plants grow with different nutrition, light, heat, humidity. Think about energy needs (lighting, water flow, climate control). Get a taste of vertical farming challenges.

  • Fermentation — I’d like to go beyond pickles and beer, kimchi and kraut. Koji, tempeh, garums. Lots of experiments, especially ones that may not work. Build an appreciation for age-old techniques, and microbes.

  • Mushroom growing — Mushrooms are crazy! Get a sense for their life cycles, varieties, and temperaments. Understand why some mushrooms are easier to cultivate than others.

  • Chocolate making — Bean-to-bar chocolate making is something I’ve been doing for a few years now. I’d like to pursue projects with folks who bring complementary expertise to the table, maybe around roasting, packaging, mold-making, confections, or something else.

  • Chocolate bloom art — When fat separates from solid cocoa the results can be stunning. Learn the factors that affect bloom and control them to produce wild variations. I want to hang chocolate on my wall.

  • Home improvement — I don’t have a house of my own, but I’d love to be pulled into a remodel or smaller home projects that reveal the underlying systems of homes: plumbing, electrical, framing, insulation, etc.

  • Microcontrollers — I’d like to get a better sense for embedded systems. I haven’t found a great project to pursue but if you have one, let’s work on it together.

  • Applied machine learning — I’d love to apply neural nets or other techniques to a focused project. One idea would be to train a model that plays an obscure game. Infinite possibilities here.

Let's gather people together

I want to establish beloved social rituals at home by hosting dependable, recurring events. Let me know if you'd like to join these, or even co-host.

  • Sunday suppers — A reliable monthly gathering that focuses on cross-pollinating friends and friends-of-friends.

  • Thursday talks — Gather a stable group focused on continuous, emotional learning every other week. One person gives a brief talk on something they’re deeply interested in, then we discuss.

Let's adventure together

Trail running, bike riding, hiking, camping, urban wandering... you name it, I’m probably interested. Have something you’ve been meaning to do for awhile but haven’t done yet? Let’s make it happen. This includes both Type I and Type II fun.

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