Ryan’s notes

Chocolate making 2022

2022 was a good year for chocolate making!

In the spring our new winnower arrived, and it's a giant! Now we can throw roasted beans in the top and get winnowed nibs out of the bottom. This is true luxury, and it brings back memories of the early days... when we winnowed by shaking a bowl under a hair dryer on the roof.

Our new winnower

Homemade winnower, circa 2018

The age-old winnowing technique that "builds character"

Another throwback was hosting a team offsite for a good friend's company. It's been awhile since we hosted our Airbnb experiences, and it was nice to share chocolate making with a bigger group.

Of course, we had fun making chocolate with friends as well. Although "chocolate making" usually morphs into all sorts of other things...

Chocolate bloom art

Happy holidays! Here's to more chocolate making shenanigans in 2023...